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5 Types of Woodworking Projects for Beginners

by Tripp Casey

Are you a fan of DIY projects or just love wood projects that you see your neighbor work on and wish you’d make some for your lovely home or the kids to play with?

You don’t have to be an expert in carpentry or woodwork to make any woodcraft. With the availability of a hardware store and tools like an X-curve CNC machine, you have your dream craft.

In this article, I’ll share with you the tools needed and beginner wood-making projects that you can try at home.

A few basic tools:

1.    Table saw- Used for creating more precise cuts on your woods.

2.    Power drill- For drilling holes

3.    Jigsaw- This can be used if you have curves to make. Another option is a cordless jigsaw that you can use outside where there’s no power

4.    Hammer-

5.    Circular saw- an alternative to a table saw. Can be used on materials like MDF or plywood

6.    Mallet- is similar to a hammer, but the head is made from wood to drive chisels more effectively

7.    Screw gun- Used in attaching screws on wood

8.    Nails-

9.    Miter saw- can be used for general DIY, angle cuts, and crosscuts

10.  Nail gun-

11.  Hand planes- For easy smoothening and reducing wood thickness

12.  Tape measure

13.  Goggles- For eyes safety

5 Simple woodworking projects for beginners

1.    Storage Box

Planning to buy a storage box to store your kid’s toys and extra bedding? You don’t need to because you can make your own at home with minimal requirements.

You’ll need; the wood of your choice, a hand saw, tape measure, nails, hammer, wood glue, and sandpaper.

2.    Sofa sleeve

Couch-lovers aren’t forgotten either. Consider making a sofa sleeve or couch cupholder for those quiet moments when reading or watching movies feels right.

You’ll need 3 pieces of wood; 2 vertical, and 1 horizontal. Attach them together to form a small bench. Then drill a hole through the horizontal piece that can fit a cup.

Then slide it over the armrest. In addition to looking classy, it will also protect your sofa from spills.

3.    An elegant Wooden Doormat

A wooden doormat is another great DIY project that you should add to your list. It is simple to create and does not require much. Plus, it is cost-effective.

Utilize leftover wooden pieces, wood glue, hammer, nails, and a miter box.

4.    Scarf Hanger

Organizing your closet can be one of the most challenging aspects of your house. You don’t seem to remember where you bought last week’s gorgeous scarf.

In such cases, a scarf hanger is useful. With a jigsaw, paintbrush, hole saw, and masonite, you will have yourself a beautiful and space-saving scarf hanger.

5.    Outdoor Swing

So the kids have a birthday party coming over and there’s that tree in your backyard that needs some revamping. But never had an idea how to go about it.

Make a tree swing for them, and they’ll be regular visitors to your yard. All you need is a drill, drill bit, ropes, wood planks, and wood beads. This is a wonderful way to bond with your child.

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