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Different Types of Custom Patches for Hoodies

by Tripp Casey

A custom chenille patch is not an ordinary patch that sticks on the fabrics. Instead, this patch creates a more stylish look than the typical patches. It’s an excellent and modish way to set the style statement and the best option for hoodie customization.

Chenille embroidered patches always add a cheesy touch to the clothes. These are functional and a great way to symbolize the roles, duties, and brand symbols. But what kind of custom patches contrast with hoodies impeccably?

While crafting the custom chenille patches for hoodies, some questions may strike into the mind. Keep reading to know about the custom patching stuff that goes perfect with all kinds of clothes and answer all your queries.

Custom Chenille Patches-The Timeless Options for Hoodies

 The custom chenille patch has been in practice since the 1860s, and the process of creating these patches has been changed only a little until now. However, chenille patches are slightly different from regular style embroidered patches.

It creates a nostalgic appeal for jackets and showcases American culture. More than that, it looks eye-catching over hoodies and other forms of jackets. Most designers use the standard embroidery combined with chenille to incorporate keen details.

Types of Custom Patches for Hoodies

There are so many custom chenille patches that are available to design hoodies. A few of the best designs are as follows:

1.   Name Style Patches

Custom name patches are trendy, and most clothing manufacturers use these patches on hoodies and shirts. These customized name patches are simple yet stylish and available in limited color options.

These aren’t expensive, and some companies use custom name patches on uniforms where the employees can’t wear the ID cards regularly.

Name patches are functional, streamlined, and perfect for workplaces. However, these days, it creates a style statement and adds appealing character to hoodies.

2.   Customized Embroidered Patches

Embroidered patches are popular for hoodies. These custom patches today are immensely popular in the marketplace. Embroidered patches are cheaper than other forms of patches but look cool over hoodies.

This is the best way to customize the outwear and clothing items such as hoodies. Embroidered patches consist of a twill base and are customized in any design, especially names.

Most brands put embroidered custom patches knitted with threads on hoodies and jackets. This gives a raised feel to the hoodies and adds some vibrancy.

Over the years, name embroidered custom patches remained in trend, and many more years are yet to come. It has become a fashion statement and icon of branded hoodies these days.

3.   Printed Styles Patches

The customized printed patches are trickier to produce but look very classy on hoodies. These printed customized patches can be used in any design and style. However, unlike the embroidered patches in which a twill base is used, a blank twill base is used to design the printed patches.

Printed patches are made with a dying process known as sublimation. With this, the ink color will fuse with the base of the hoodie and create a flat surface. Since these chenille patches are in a printed format, color options are limitless.

The printed custom patches have become the iconic image of the brands. These help to create countless designs and shapes of the patches on hoodies to make them more stylish.

4.   Bullion Crests Patches

Bullion crests patches are good for formal affair hoodies. Most of the companies prefer to have bullion crests patches on their uniforms. These are a kind of custom patch that is synonymous with dressmakers. The patch quality is extremely high because the material used in creating the bullion crests patches are wire, felt, beads, and many more.

Bullion crests form patches that are generally hand-made on thicker bases. This is why these are sturdier than ordinary custom patches. These forms of patches are used the most on formal wear and hoodies too. Military uniforms mostly have these kinds of patches.

5.   Chenille Patches

Finding the right custom patches is not problematic because the market is flooded with these items. However, the custom chenille patch is something that steals the top place. Why? Because chenille patches help to create different textures, designs and are available in different colors.

Ideally, the chenille patches are famous for the Letterman patches name. The patches come with a fluffier fuzzy surface as they contain two layers. The bottom layer of the patch is made with felt, whereas the upper layer of the patch is made with a soft texture.

However, the only downside about using the chenille patches over hoodies is limited design options. But patches can be created in any form.

6.   Woven Custom Patches

Woven patches are similar to embroidered patches because they are made with woolen threads. But the thing that keeps these woven custom patches apart from the others is, it requires thinner threads to make the finest details. Moreover, it isn’t created on a twill base. Therefore, the texture is not that much raised.

These customized patches are great for creating the photorealistic effect of the patch design on hoodies. The thinner threads make these patches more appealing and aesthetic.

It goes perfect with jackets, woven tops, and hoodies too. There are so many designs of these patches, and the sky is the only limit to creating that look.

7.   Leather Patches

Customized leather patches also look great on the hoodies. It is made with irregular leather pieces and is usually used to make names, trademarks, and logos. These patches also go perfect with caps, jackets, blankets, shirts, and beanies.

Furthermore, leather patches are one of the best adaptable patches that help enhance the appearance of jackets and hoodies. Leather patches can be crafted in any design and format, and these are best to create personalized logos.


The custom chenille patch and other forms of patches look appealing on clothes, especially hoodies. Patches are excellent for adding style statements into the clothes. However, more than this, it creates the brand image and showcases unique looks.

So, these are some of the best custom patch designs available for hoodies. Be it hoodies, jackets, and other clothes, these patches enhance the look of the clothing items.

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