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Top Benefits of Installing a Smart Doorbell

by Tripp Casey

Burglaries are usually done in homes that aren’t guarded properly. As a matter of fact, a big percentage of burglars enter through the main door. Some home invaders also prefer to use violence to do a forceful entry.

Now, with smart technology, there are so many ways one can secure their home from potential intruders. From smart security cameras and smart doorbells to smart locks, all these smart devices increase the security of your home.

Some homeowners subscribe to home security systems as smart security devices are packaged in these plans. However, with so many DIY smart home devices on the market, people have started installing smart doorbells and so by themselves, as it saves them a good amount of money.

A smart doorbell is very much like something small but extremely mighty. It’s highly targeted yet discrete which allows you to see who’s at your front door and further gives a peel at who’s actually around or approaching your house.

When talking about safety, a smart doorbell is for the win, as apart from allowing you to witness everything that’s happening at your front door from anywhere in the world, you also get to avoid door-to-door salesmen who just never seem to give up.

Today, smart doorbell cameras are considered to be an important part of your home security. The very best doorbell camera not only offers a live feed but has two-way communication that allows you to speak to your visitors, even if you are not home.

Here are the top benefits of installing a smart doorbell camera.

You Know Who’s at the Door, without Opening It

When your smart doorbell rings, you no longer have to rush to the door to find out who’s at the other end, or even peek through the window, because this smart device can be accessed from your smartphone itself.

There’s a high chance of an unwanted person hanging around if they get to know you are actually home. A smart doorbell prevents this from happening. Now, whether you are in your backyard, at work, or even in the basement, your doorbell cameras will send a notification alerting you that there’s someone outside.

If it’s someone you know, you can easily let them in, but if it’s someone suspicious and if you are not home, you can alert the authorities. The best part of a smart doorbell camera is that it has a remote access feature, allowing you to view its feed 24/7 from anywhere.

Two-Way Conversation with Your Visitor at the Door

As mentioned earlier, a smart doorbell camera allows the user to have a two-way conversation with whoever is at the door, and this can be done even if you are not home, as all you need is to install the doorbell camera’s app on your smartphone to access its features.

This is by far the best way to ask what or who the person at your doorstep is looking for without you ever needing to open the door. In fact, it’s also a great way to communicate with the visitor if you are not home for the time being, but don’t want to share this information.

For instance, if your home’s landscaper visits while you are away, you can direct him towards your backyard, and look into what’s been concerning you. This way, you won’t be stressed about missing your work appointment and will also get your work done at home.

Curb Potential Intruders

Unfortunately, thefts and burglaries, even if it’s at your porch, have become quite common. These intruders are also known as “porch pirates.” Moreover, they are known to steal packages that are left unattended at doorsteps.

The main challenge here is that there’s no fixed timing for packages to be delivered throughout the day, and if yours is delivered while you are away, chances are that it might be stolen before you get the chance to bring it in.

A smart doorbell camera prevents this from happening. Whether the delivery man rings the doorbell or not, you will get an alert nevertheless when the package is dropped off at your doorstep.

Moreover, if someone approaches your package, you will receive yet another slater and will be able to access your camera to see who that individual was and if they are a potential thief. If so, you can always call them out via the two-way communication features. This usually scares them too.

Also, you can always prevent the video footage to the police if your package was stolen and the thief was captured stealing it on your smart doorbell camera. A smart doorbell camera gives you a sense of peace in such instances.


Well, there you go!

We have shared the top three benefits of installing a smart doorbell for the safety of your home and of course, loved ones. We hope you will now considering purchasing it because it will without a doubt make your life much easier, and convenient.

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