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Four Steps on how you can Start a Swimming Pool Repair and Cleaning Business

by Tripp Casey

How many times have you gone swimming since the beginning of the year? The swimming pool business is a lucrative venture. Many people own pools, while a significant figure visits swimming pool. Swimming pool services are in high demand. The more people visit a swimming pool in a day, the more it will need cleaning and repair services.

The following are the four necessary steps to establish your business.

Buy important equipment

The first step is to start by buying relevant tools for repair and cleaning services. It will depend on the capital in place. If you are working under a tight budget, take your time to buy the equipment bit by bit until you get them all. Shop for quality equipment that will provide long and quality service. Some of the pieces of equipment include the:

  • Leaf rakes.
  • Scrub brushes.
  • pH tests.
  • Chemical testing kits.
  • Holes
  • Pool skimmers.

Apply for protection and permits

Get a business license, liability insurance, and a tax identification number. These come after buying equipment. These are the general requirements all over. Some regions might have extra requirements than these for your business to operate. Check with the administration, health, and safety departments to know all the needs. Always ensure you abide by all departments.

Public pools at times have special licensing requirements. Once you complete this section, you are set to receive any tender as your first job.

Business marketing

You now need to figure out how you will win your first client. You have to pitch your business clients.

They are the condo and apartment property managers, motels, hotels, homeowners, and schools. Fitness facilities and pool supply businesses are other potential clients to pitch. Use flyers and business cards to reach a broader market.

Online marketing is also vital to reach a broader market. Use social media platforms to market like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. They have huge traffics.

Source for pool association owners’ groups and join them.

When you locate any swimming pool’s geographical location, visit it and talk to the owners about what you do. Remember to offer some discounts to win their hearts.

Hire workers

As the business grows, you need more licensed and experienced workers. You will also need workers in the marketing, administrative, and accounting departments. You have to do serious scrutiny to have a competent staff to propel your business higher.

Carry out a background check of workers before you allow them to enter a client’s compound. Clients have to be sure of who will interact with their premises to ensure their properties are safe.

It’s good to hire workers who can multitask different fields in your business since it’s still young. You will reduce operational costs and maximize profits.

Now, you can hire a vehicle with enough space to ferry your staff and equipment to the site. When the business has picked up well, consider having an office at a central place.

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