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Situs Poker Online – Is It Gambling Or Gaming?

by Tripp Casey

Would you ever gamble? I mean seriously, if you knew you had a chance to win a $3 million, wouldn’t you give it a try? It is in our blood. We as a species love to take up challenges and risk for the greater glory. And this is more prevalent in the world of gambling, visit 먹튀.

Status in 2020:

But what about 2020? Where is Situs poker online at in its current state? Before asking that question let’s think about 2020 for a moment. More precisely the gaming industry. With recent increase in the number of games and the technological boom of the gaming industry, online poker has seemed to find itself seep into this industry thus giving it cover as a gaming affair more than a gambling one. Now you are able to indulge in online gambling legally as it is still considered a gaming event even if you are below 21.

Final verdict:

But the real question is whether it is a scam or just a game of luck. Well some of it is legit others still can be classified as a scam. For example, in 2015, a website which dealt with online poker duped all of the users and created a loss of approximately $3 million dollars. While on the other side of things, an online professional poker player made rough estimate of $7 million in about a year.

But the problem definitely arises when minors are brought to the mix. Many malicious online poker games disguise themselves as harmless games when in reality it’s the complete opposite. Due to a minor being involved, many of them take advantage of this and get hold of the parent’s savings income thus causing a theft of privacy and private financial information. Also, another way of cheating the system is when the players are known to one another and play the game in ways where neither of them loses money.

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